General Sales and Delivery Conditions B2B

a) The following general and special terms and conditions apply to all agreements concluded with Antwerp Luxury Candle
Supplies BV, company number 0769.567.415, with registered office at 2960 Brecht, Zwaluwlaan 6 (hereinafter: “ALCS”), as well
as all offers, commands, or orders at ALCS. Other general or special terms and conditions, irrespective of the time at which
these are communicated and regardless of whether these are stated on documents originating from the customer, are not
contradictory to ALCS except expressly agreed in advance by ALCS.
b) The general and special terms and conditions are deemed to have been accepted by the customer solely due to the
conclusion of an agreement, or the acceptance of an offer or the placing of an order.
c) ALCS reserves the right to change the general and special terms and conditions unilaterally and at any time without explicit
notice to the customer. The most recent version of these terms and conditions can be consulted at any time on the ALCS
website The customer acknowledges and accepts this online publication as notification, so that
the most recent online published version of these general terms and conditions can be enforced against the customer.
a) The validity date of the prices is stated on the price lists themselves. All goods are invoiced as much as possible according to
the conditions and prices applicable at the time of the order, ALCS reserves the right to change these without prior notice.
b) Orders can be placed online via, by telephone, by e-mail or via representatives of ALCS. With
the exception of dropshipment orders that need to be entered online via the ALCS website
ALCS sends the customer an order confirmation by e-mail. The order confirmation must be thoroughly checked by the
customer and if it does not match the order, it should be reported immediately. All costs resulting from incorrect deliveries
due to unreported changes will be charged to the customer.
c) ALCS reserves the right to change models, colors and prices at any time. The brochure or website offers no conclusive
guarantee regarding the availability of the products.
Art. 3 – ORDERS
a) Anyone who, whether or not in his own name and for his own account, enters into an agreement with ALCS, requests an
offer, places an order or instructs an order, is presumed to be legally authorized to do so. ALCS rejects any liability towards
third parties in this regard.
b) Orders are only definitive if they are confirmed in writing by an order confirmation from the head office of ALCS. Any
changes to the order by the customer are only possible with explicit and written approval by ALCS.
c) In the event of cancellation of an order, ALCS reserves the right to claim a flat-rate compensation from the customer
amounting to 25% of the amount of the order.
d) The prices are in the indicated currency, excluding VAT and any other taxes and/or levies due, and except in case of
dropshipment, a different provision in the order or any other written agreement, “Ex Works”.
a) The goods may be loaded in one shipment or spread over several, except for dropshipment where goods are sent in one
Delivery and transport of the goods always takes place at the risk of the addressee, whatever the special delivery conditions
may be. Transport and insurance costs will be charged to the buyer, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing.
b) The delivery periods indicated by ALCS are purely indicative. No rights can be derived from the delivery term specified by
ALCS. A late delivery cannot give rise to any compensation of any kind, nor to the cancellation of an order. In the event of force
majeure, ALCS can either suspend the performance of the agreement or terminate the agreement in whole or in part with
immediate effect, without being entitled to compensation. As a rule, force majeure will result in any circumstance arising out
of the actions of ALCS, as a result of which the normal execution of the agreement will be prevented by ALCS or will require
disproportionate efforts, irrespective of whether or not this situation was foreseeable at the time of the conclusion of the
agreement. If the customer refuses a delivery (for whatever reason) and unless otherwise stipulated in writing, ALCS reserves
the right to demand payment from the customer for all transport and storage costs, other expenses and damage caused by
this refusal.
c) All deliveries are made on commission and on behalf of the customer. The customer is obliged to check the goods
immediately upon receipt on the basis of the packing list, affixed to the shipment. Any deviations and/or visible transport
damage must be reported in writing to the receipt of the carrier and to ALCS at the time of delivery via the online complaints
form before receiving and/or unpacking the goods. And this, on penalty of expiry and
inadmissibility, at the latest within 24 hours of receipt. For each complaint, the necessary proof (e.g., footage) of the damage
incurred must be enclosed. Also, directly visible damage, which is noticed when the goods are unpacked, must immediately be
reported to ALCS.
d) In any event, any damage and/or non-conforming deliveries can only be effectively labeled as such after inspection and
contradictory determination, and after confirmation by ALCS. In no case can submitting a complaint give rise to deduction of
amounts due to ALCS.
a) All invoices are payable in cash in the indicated currency at the head office of ALCS. Invoices must be expressly, in writing
and motivated, protested within 5 working days after the invoice date. The customer is not permitted to settle or deduct
amounts on his own initiative, except subject to explicit prior agreement in writing of ALCS or if he has a valid credit note.
b) In the absence of payment of the invoice on the due date, default interest shall be payable by operation of law and without
prior notice of default at the statutory interest rate in accordance with the Belgian Law of 2 August 2002 on combating late
payment in commercial transactions. In addition, the customer will automatically and without notice of default owe a fixed
and irreducible compensation of ALCS ‘s extrajudicial collection costs equal to 10% of the unpaid sum, with a minimum of 125
c) ALCS also reserves the right to (i) suspend all deliveries until the customer has paid all outstanding and expired invoices, or
(ii) demand cash payment of the full price, increased or not, prior to each delivery with other outstanding overdue amounts,
and this until the customer has paid all outstanding overdue invoices.
a) Without prejudice to the transfer of the risk to the customer, and the obligation of the customer to insure the goods, the

delivered goods remain the exclusive property of ALCS until the moment the customer has all obligations arising from the
agreement with ALCS and/or these general terms and conditions, including in particular the full payment of the delivered
goods, will have been fulfilled. ALCS reserves the right to revoke these goods with whomever they may be.
b) If the goods are placed or stored in a space rented by the customer, the customer must inform ALCS of this in advance,
disclose the identity and the place of residence of the landlord and inform the landlord of the reservation of ownership of the
goods of ALCS.
a) All goods are, during normal use, guaranteed for 12 months on production faults. This guarantee is valid from the delivery
date provided that the goods have been transported, assembled, treated, maintained, and used in a correct and normal
manner. The guarantee does not apply to wear and tear or damage due to, among other things (and not limited to) improper
use, non-compliance with standards and instructions for use, incorrect assembly, external causes, accidents etc. Any resulting
costs for any repair and/or, if necessary, exchange including transport costs are at the expense of the customer.
b) Chest ticket and/or delivery note are considered as one form of guarantee certificate and must be presented to ALCS in
original with possible return. Return procedure must be correctly entered via A correct
description and/or valid reason for the return must be in writing and accompanied by the receipt and/or the delivery note. In
order to make any claim to repair or exchange within 1 month of purchase, the defective product must be returned in its
original packaging. If not, the entire guarantee will lapse. Not previously registered returns will not be accepted. Transport
costs are not charged to ALCS. All other visible defects must be reported to ALCS at the moment of unpacking so that they can
be handled immediately by the after-sales service. Depending on the nature of the defects, the further processing will be
a) All complaints and returns regarding the delivered goods must be submitted via an online complaint form to be completed
on the following link: Complaints from the end user that are submitted by telephone and/or by
mail will not be handled or answered by ALCS.
b) No complaint gives the customer the right to withdraw from his payment obligations, unless explicitly stated otherwise in
c) Any form of consequential damage is explicitly excluded. ALCS will therefore, in case of intent, in no case be liable for any
indirect damage, nor for loss of profit, loss of turnover, loss of customers or reputational damage (whether or not included
under consequential damage), even if this damage would have been caused by any contractual or extra-contractual error of
ALCS. In addition, ALCS’s liability is limited to the replacement or refund of defective goods, and in any case to the amounts
covered and to the amounts paid by the insurer.
d) ANTWERP LUXURY CANDLE SUPPLIES cannot be held liable under any circumstances for consequential damage or for
damage resulting from improper use, non-compliance with the applicable standards, lack of maintenance or storage of the
delivered goods.
e) Certain products supplied by ANTWERP LUXURY CANDLE SUPPLIES may, due to their nature and/or use, create a fire hazard
and it is the responsibility of the user to take all necessary precautions and safety measures in this regard. ANTWERP LUXURY
CANDLE SUPPLIES can in no way be held liable for fire, explosion, fire damage or the harmful consequences resulting from this.
If the customer does not fulfill one or more of his obligations arising from the agreement with ALCS and/or from the general
and special terms and conditions, if he is declared bankrupt, if he applies for a court or amicable agreement or
postponement of payment, if he is placed in liquidation. or if his goods are seized in whole or in part, as well as in the event
of a change in the legal or financial situation of the customer, ALCS reserves the right to regard the contract as terminated
at the expense of the customer, even if it is already partially carried out, legally and without prior notice of default, solely as
a result of the occurrence of one of the aforementioned situations. In all cases where, by virtue of the agreement or the
present general and special terms and conditions, the agreement by ALCS will be considered dissolved at the expense of the
customer, ALCS will have the right to demand the immediate return of the already delivered goods as well as to resell them.
a) The agreement with ALCS is governed by Belgian law.
b) All disputes and disputes relating to these general terms and conditions of sale shall exclusively fall under the jurisdiction
of the courts and tribunals of the judicial district of Antwerp, where the head office of ALCS is located and where the
execution of all obligations will always be deemed to take place.
Art. 11 – PRIVACY
ALCS declares that it will always comply with the legal provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulation
2016/679 (GDPR) as well as the Belgian Privacy Act of 8 December 1992 when processing personal data. In this respect,
reference is made to the privacy statement of ALCS that can be consulted online
a) The customer expressly acknowledges that all designs, products, drawings and models, brand names, labels, logos,
product names, visual material and such more of ALCS are legally protected and are the subject of intellectual property
rights. No rights can be derived from any agreement with ALCS, whatever title (transfer, license, …), with regard to
intellectual property rights, nor with regard to designs, products, models, brand names, labels, logos, etc. product names,
visual material, etc. from ALCS.
b) ALCS therefore reserves all rights with regard to the designs, products, drawings and models, brand names, labels, logos,
product names, visual material and such more from ALCS on websites, on social media or via any other channel.
c) Any reproduction, multiplication or publication without explicit prior written agreement of ALCS, and contrary to the
nature or scope of the agreement, is strictly prohibited.
d) The customer commits to respect the intellectual property rights of ALCS at all times and allow third parties to honour
them, by not removing or modifying the entries of ALCS concerning the protection of copyrights, brands, trade names or
other intellectual property rights.

The nullity, invalidity or non-opposability of any provision of these general terms and conditions of sale, or of any part of
any provision, shall not entail the nullity, invalidity or non-opposability of the entire general terms and conditions of sale.
These remain valid and enforceable as if the invalid or non-opposable provisions or parts of these provisions are not
included in the general terms and conditions of sale.
In case of dispute and/or contradiction, the last published version of the Dutch text of the general and/or special terms and
conditions is for the French and English translation thereof, which is communicated for information purposes only and is
not binding.

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