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Performance Soy Blend A27

Performance Soy Blend A27 is our toughest and most durable wax blend. Developed to perform with consistently in harsher conditions such as strong retail lights, hot sun and changing temperatures and a higher melting point, superior fragrance oil absorption and blended to prevent sweating and oil leaking we know you’ll love durability and smooth finish of the Performance Soy Blend A27.
Great for:

  • Markets
  • Higher fragrance loads
  • Reducing sweating and oil leakage

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All Seasons Wax Company Performance Blend

Superior CocoSoy A05

Superior CocoSoy A05 is first ready-to-use flaked Coconut/Soy wax available on the market, and it is simply as the name suggests, a superior wax.
It has been developed to reduce frosting (great for clear glass), it has a smooth, creamy surface finish and is still a very durable wax designed to perform consistency in a wide range of conditions. With supreme container adhesion, expect to see gorgeous creamy candles that have remarkable hot and cold scent throw!
Great for:

  • Retail stores
  • Reducing frosting and shrinking
  • Candle makers of all experience levels

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Superior CocoSoy A05

Pure Soy S100

Pure Soy S100 is our wax for the purist.
This wax is unlike our other waxes, it is unblended and has been produced purely and entirely from soy. Soya oil at room temperature is actually a liquid, it is after the hydrogenation process it begins to take shape as the wax which you’re used to.  
With PS100 expect to see that gorgeous creamy soy finish, with superior container adhesion and anti-frosting properties.
PS100 is great for:

  • Experienced candle makers
  • Reducing frosting and shrinking
  • A 100% soy option

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Pure Soy

Deluxe Soy S16

Deluxe Soy S16 is the intersection of science and nature. 
Our S16 Soy Wax has been created using the feedback from real candle makers worldwide. It features an a smooth one-pour finish with an even and clean burn.
A 100% natural product the S16 Deluxe Soy is perfect for candle makers of all experience levels.  
Retaining 8-10% fragrance S16 is the perfect replacement for another popular yet recently discontinued soy wax.

S16 is great for:

  • Candle makers of all experience levels
  • A deluxe finish after just one pour – with high fragrance retainability
  • Candle makers looking for a substitute for a popular yet recently discontinued soy wax

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Deluxe Soy S16

Ultimate Soy Wax Solution M12

Set to be a game changer. Whether you are a hobbyist or professional candle maker, we have a perfect wax for you.

The M12 Ultimate Soy Wax Solution is a perfect reflection of its name. Formulated through a long process of research, testing and development with our analytical laboratory and manufacturing team the M12 is the MST Ultimate Wax Additive blended with our A05 Superior CocoSoy to give users the best and easiest experience in candle making.

The M12 Ultimate Soy Wax Solution features:

  • Simple to and convenient to use
  • “1 pour wax” with great set and reset after burn
  • Very resilient in warmer conditions
  • Strong under UV lights

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As a distributor for All Seasons Wax Company we are dedicated to supplying a superior candle wax. Across our range you’ll find different blends each meticulously crafted and balanced to help create candles which perform consistently in all conditions. 

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