Spicy Woods

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Spicy Woods


Top notes: cinnamon leaves – grapefruit – nutmeg
Middle notes: leather – eucalyptus – pine
Base notes: patchouli – cedarwood


‘Spicy Woods’ fragrance offers a blend of soft woody fragrances derived mainly from pine and eucalyptus, topped with bold notes from popular spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves.

This combination gives ous spicy woods fragrance its warm, pleasant masculine aura.



The use of fragrance oils will be dependant on the product you are creating. Please refer to the guide below for suggested ratios suitable for your product.

Please note, the below values are suggestions only. We recommend users conduct their own testing with intended blends of wax and oil for optimal results.

Candles: 6-10%
Waxmelts: 10-12%

Diffusers: 20-30%


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